Case Study: Restaurant Tech

03/17/2021 8:24 PM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
Case Study: A nationwide chain of fast-causal restaurants approached Cloud 9 in the midst of executing a growth strategy and needed help fast

Food Safety and IoT

03/17/2021 11:03 AM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
Effortlessly monitor temperature and automatically create FMA/HACCP-compliant temperature logs. Easily set alerts for the thresholds you care about. Access a dashboard for each of your devices

More about mobility: The MVNO

03/17/2021 10:47 AM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
More about mobility: managing plans, devices, and data. Just as the iPhone disrupted the entore cell phone market back in 2007, the right MVNO could be what any  company managing a corporate mobile plan is looking for. 

Maintaining a company's mobile plan can be costly a...

Never Trust and Always Verify

03/16/2021 5:11 PM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
Never Trust and Always Verify. Hmm, doesn't sound very productive in most business situations, but if you're talking about technology and security, I think we might be on to something.

IT Spend on the rise

03/12/2021 11:49 AM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
It's clear many companies have invested, and continue to invest in both fundamental and innovative technologies. Working to integrate back-end infrastructure with front-end digital technologies that will help them better engage their customers.

Care for some TEA?

03/11/2021 2:03 PM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
How much are those telecom, mobility, and cloud services really costing you? Let's have some TEA and we'll help you find out.

Care for some TEA?

03/11/2021 2:02 PM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
How much are those telecom, mobility, and cloud services really costing you? Let's have some TEA and we'll help you find out.

Mobile Mgmt: In-House vs Outsourcing

03/11/2021 11:52 AM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
Mobility Management services are on the rise as corporate mobile plans and devices become more complex and costly for companies. Should it be outsourced or kept in-house?

Bills Piling up: Tech expenses

03/10/2021 11:05 PM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
Businesses have a rat’s nest of bills ranging from network, phone, mobile, and everything in between. With complex, cryptic, and hard-to-understand bills, businesses wind up spending far too much money each month on unnecessary expenses that can be reduced or, in some cases, eliminated.

Cutting Costs: Mobility Spend

03/10/2021 10:47 PM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
Company-provided mobile/wireless plans are easy targets for finding significant savings: with or without changing carriers, contracts, or switching SIMs and devices. Data overages make up, on average, more than 35 percent of a business’ mobile bill. Cloud 9 helps companies save big.

Ways to Reduce Mobile Costs

03/10/2021 10:30 PM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
How can you reduce that huge Mobile Carrier bill each month for your business? 

Control employee usage. 

How can you manage and prevent employees from blowing through their data limits? 

There are several clever ways to help companies mange, control, and reduce monthly corporate mobile i...

Legit Business Work

03/08/2021 11:57 AM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
How much of your corporate mobile data plan is going to legitimate business-related work? If you have a way to go back and look, good idea to do a quick review of usage and overages. You may be surprised with the results.

Most Expensive Tech

03/08/2021 11:14 AM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
The most expensive tech in any business is the tech that isn't being used! Corporate-owned mobility plans fall victim to this frequently because mobile plans can be so difficult to manage and keep up to date.

M365 needs backup!

02/22/2021 4:33 PM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
It's your data. It's your responsibility. Microsoft’s own documentation recommends that customers M365/O365 seek third-party backup solutions and/or services for whenever possible. There is no actual backup in place for M365/O365 and no self-service option for recovery.

Information Disparity

02/19/2021 3:26 PM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
Industry noise, marketing fluff, and information disparity explain why a recent poll showing 64% of US-based business decision-makers use third-party consultants and system integrators when buying IT products, services, and solutions.

Control Costs (revisited)

02/18/2021 3:03 PM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
We are now almost one-year into this ridiculous pandemic. There is certainly the smell of rebound in the air. As talks of rebooting and restarting take root, executives are already feeling the pressure to optimize, reinvest, and continue to reduce costs to help keep their companies moving forward.

New WFH Workforce protections

02/12/2021 12:20 PM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
There may be some light at the end of this pandemic tunnel… Remote work has evolved into a permanent fixture and must be included in long-term planning. This introduces more risks around access as employees connect in new ways.

TechRat Exercise

02/11/2021 11:28 AM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
Reduce costs, consolidate, eliminate redundancies: Technology rationalization is a helpful exercise for any business

Digital Transformation

02/10/2021 4:05 PM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
Companies of all sizes are seeing desirable outcomes from digital transformation efforts. But the path to value starts with defining a strategy for your specific business needs and desired outcomes.

Silos Hinder Engagement

02/08/2021 2:29 PM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
Data and departmental silos are a common problem for many companies. Silos lead to missed revenue opportunities and slow response times. Learn how to avoid silos in your organization by implementing enterprise-wide solutions that give everyone access to more data and across all departments.
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