5th Generation Wireless

07/03/2021 7:37 PM By cfridrich

5th Generation Wireless


The next generation of connectivity for mobility and wireless networks.  5G encompasses multiple wireless spectrums that can work at speeds up to 10Gbps.  There are essentially 3 bands of 5G spectrum:

  • Low-band spectrum can also be described as sub 1GHz spectrum. It's the primary band used by carriers in the U.S. for LTE, and bandwidth is nearly depleted. While low-band spectrum offers excellent coverage area and wall penetration, there is a big drawback: Peak data speeds will top out around 100Mbps. 

  • Mid-band spectrum provides faster speeds and lower latency than low-band. It does, however, fail to penetrate buildings as effectively as low-band spectrum. Expect peak speeds up to 1Gbps on mid-band spectrum. 

  • High-band spectrum is what delivers the highest performance for 5G, but with major weaknesses. It is often referred to as mmWave. High-band spectrum can offer peak speeds up to 10Gbps and has extremely low latency. The main drawback of high-band is that it has low coverage area, and building penetration is poor

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