Cutting Costs: Mobility Spend

03/10/2021 10:47 PM By cfridrich

Data Overages Make Up More Than 35 percent of Company Mobile Bills

Company-provided mobile/wireless plans are easy targets for finding significant savings: with or without changing carriers, contracts, or switching SIMs and devices. Data overages make up, on average, more than 35 percent of a business’ mobile bill. Add to that a complete lack of billing transparency (you can’t tell how your workforce is actually using that data). There are a number of ways to control and eliminate overage penalties. In a previous post I talked about a cloud-base mobile firewall and traffic shaping service that can control usage at the app level and could reduce costs by 20%-30% all while securing the traffic to/from each device as well. 

Another way to reduce costs without switching carriers, plans, or devices is Wireless Expense Management (WEM) services. These services can either be a one time, “project-based” or an ongoing monthly service. Nearly all of them are considered “budget-neutral”, meaning they only get paid a portion of the money they guarantee to save you each month. 

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