Engagement Dilemma

04/08/2021 11:59 AM By cfridrich

The Gap Between Demand and Expectations

Has a gap formed between resources to meet customer demand and the exploding volume of customer interactions and communication channels? 

Are you working on an overall strategy that provides fewer boundaries for customers and one that powers today’s new (and seemingly permanent) Work-From-Home (WFH) workforce? 

Do you have, or have you found a solution that balances Artificial Intelligence, automation, and of course, the human touch?

Can that solution “listen” for your customers’ needs? Does it connect departmental and data silos? Can it help you drive real business outcomes?

A huge gap has formed between resources available to meet customer demand and the exploding volume of customer interaction; not to mention the growing number of communication channels available to customers and your companies need to be involved in each one. In order to meet the needs of your customers, you need an overall strategy and the proper set of solutions that provide customer experience with fewer boundaries and one that enables today’s new and permanent Work-From-Home (WFH) workforce. It must be able to perfectly balance Artificial Intelligence, automation, and of course, the human touch.  It needs to listen deeply to customer needs, connect what matters, and drive real business outcomes.

Cloud 9 Advisers can help you close this widening gap. Below are three ways your organization can bridge the gap and provide limitless customer engagement. 

Connect Work

Today’s modern workforce is quickly evolving. More bots are being deployed, a younger and more digitally-savvy workforce requires modern tools, and greater work flexibility has become critical, so that people can work from any location, across channels and departments.

This is the future of work, and it needs to deliver on the promise of an elevated customer experience and greater operational efficiencies. 

Connect Experiences

Organizations are striving to build more enduring relationships and therefore must adopt a more holistic approach across customer touchpoints to better understand customer and employee experiences while surfacing and driving appropriate actions.

They need experience management solutions to help connect the customer experience by capturing, enriching, and correlating data across every area of the business. 

Connect Data

Data silos are the biggest obstacle to a successful digital transformation. Building a data hub for interaction data is not a trivial task.

That's how experience data management solutions provide a way for organizations to normalize their interaction data into a single view at scale and provide any and all departments completely open access to the data.

Cloud 9 helps companies connect with the right vendors that work the iconic brands build enduring customer relationships by connecting work, data and experiences efficiently. We want to help you implement limitless customer engagement and create meaningful experiences to break down barriers and eliminate the constraints of organizational and data silos. Contact us today to get started 

About Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Advisers works with business leaders and understaffed IT teams that need a strategic partner, not just another vendor. With help using our proprietary IT decision-making platform, we help organizations make wise IT investments quickly and confidently. We work with you to rationalize and reduce technology spending and ensure you employ sound digital transformation principles and strategies.

As a strategic sourcing partner, we do not sell solutions, we help you buy solutions. We are not another vendor, we help you find vendors. We are objective, impartial, and unbiased. 

We employ several teams of vendor-neutral technology experts and engineers that focus on four critical segments: Cybersecurity, Communications, Connectivity, and Cloud. Our proprietary IT decision-making platform contains decades of data and analytics on all of the 250+ vendors in our Supplier Portfolio. With guided access to the platform and one-on-one and helps you quickly identify, research, evaluate, and compare appropriate solutions and the vendors that can deliver; eliminating months of labor doing it on your own. 

We provide clarity so you can make quick and confident IT buying decisions.