Mobile: Slow connectivity?

07/02/2021 8:13 AM By cfridrich

Slow Network Connectivity Causes Big Problems

For many organizations, slow network connectivity has caused some problems. Have you experienced any of these issues?

  • Delayed 911 Access Emergency Response 

  • BYOD Productivity 

  • Employee, guest, and resident dissatisfaction 

  • Decreased property value and leasing renewal rates 

  • Lower occupancy, lower rental revenue, lower lease renewal rates

  • Decrease of IoT and network devices using corporate networks 

  • IR/VR applications that need high bandwidth and low latency

  • Rural Areas with poor bandwidth choices

If you have, then we are here to help you find the right solution. Wireless bandwidth services may be one solution. 

We’ve helped hundreds of clients solve thousands of problems. Below are just a few wireless/mobile-related services and technologies where Cloud 9 can help you find the right solutions and the best vendors, carriers, and service providers that deliver:

  • 5G

  • CBRS - Citizen Broadband Radio Service

  • Private LTE

  • WiFi 6

  • Small Cells

  • DAS - Distributed Antenna System

  • Backup/Secondary Connectivity

  • MDM - Mobile Device Management

  • Expense Management

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