IT Spend on the rise

03/12/2021 11:49 AM By cfridrich

IT spend in 2020 is 5 Percent higher than 2018

IT spending as a percentage of revenue ranges widely depending on industry. Data from Deloitte shows the overall average for all industries in 2018 was 3.28%, with banking and securities at just over 7% and less than 2% in construction and manufacturing.

If yours is higher, don’t worry, even these averages vary wildly. Even within the same industry investment levels can vary significantly from sector to sector. The 75th percentile across all industries was as high as 9% and the 25th percentile was less than half the overall average.

But 2020 seems to show a stark difference. A study from Flexera says that 2020 IT spending as a percentage of revenue was 8.2%, nearly 5% higher than 2 years ago. That would be a huge increase under normal circumstances. Additionally, 46% expect a “slight increase” and another 10% expect a “significant increase” in IT spend next year.

That study also shows Retail imaking the biggest changes: with 56% expecting a “slight increase” and another 19% expecting a “significant increase” in IT spending.

In any case, it's clear many companies have invested, and continue to invest in both fundamental and innovative technologies. Working to integrate back-end infrastructure with front-end digital technologies that will help them better engage their customers.

Many clients work with Cloud 9 for that very reason. Sound principles and expertise in digital transformation are the key to success. 

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