M365 needs backup!

02/22/2021 4:33 PM By cfridrich

Third-Party Microsoft 365 Backup is Critical

Why would I need to backup my users' Microsoft Cloud data?

There is a lot of conflicting and confusing information out on the net about the subject of backing up Microsoft 365 (formerly Microsoft Office 365). In this case we are looking directly at the source. Microsoft’s own documentation, in the Service Availability section of its Services Agreements, recommends that customers seek out third-party backup solutions and/or services whenever possible. There is no actual backup in place for M365/O365 (Exchange Online/Emails, SharePoint, OneDrive) and no self-service option for recovery. 

  • Maintain ownership and control of data stored in Microsoft 365 - its your data, you are responsible for it, not Microsoft. Their responsibility is only to ensure that the service is operational and data is accessible.
  • Extend retention and recovery - Microsoft has limited, short-term data loss recovery, but no “point-in-time” recovery options, making recovery difficult in and of itself. 
  • Compliance (if applicable): many regulatory bodies, like HIPAA for example, require third-party backup, 
  • Employee turnover - don’t keep paying for licenses of users that have left the company, just keep the backup! 
  • Single File recovery - Files are only linked to version histories, so if one file is deleted there is no way to go back and retrieve an earlier version – everything is gone. Whereas a backup offers multiple recovery points.

While there may be a few more options for retention and recovery for SharePoint within Microsoft itself, as SharePoint grows, this can be a very costly proposition. Plus, too many administrators find the simplicity, low cost, and admin (and end-user) friendliness of cloud-to-cloud backup solutions--designed specifically for M365 backup plans-- just too good to pass up. Many of the most popular solutions can be found as a fully-managed service for surprisingly low monthly per user rates--like $4 to $6, and even lower at scale!

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