Mobile Data for Backup?

07/12/2021 11:39 AM By cfridrich

Mobile Data for Backup?

Backup/Secondary Connectivity

Many customers that are looking to institute SDWAN are looking for options for secondary and Tertiary Circuits to have a bulletproof environment.  One of the reasons behind looking at multiple circuits is that SDWAN can provide completely seamless redundancy for single-site and multi-site enterprises SDWAN provides seamless failover at a fraction of the cost of traditional technologies, and with far better results. 

Many enterprises look at a combination of Broadband and DIA circuits to accomplish this.  However, one of the main problems they experience is the connections for these services typically come in from the same entry point into the building or even over the same wire.  If there is a problem with the connections, then potentially all the connections could experience issues, rendering the SDWAN and dual circuits completely useless. 

This is where 4G/5G networks come in.  These networks offer connectivity virtually anywhere with no physical cabling.  They can provide backup connectivity for the following use cases. 

  • Diverse entry into a site 

  • Low bandwidth applications like IoT 

  • Short-term needs (Construction Sites) 

  • Hard to reach places 

  • Services that are needed quickly 

  • Mobile applications like Food Trucks or mobile services. 

  • High cost for bringing in a fiber or broadband connection

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