Mobile Mgmt: In-House vs Outsourcing

03/11/2021 11:52 AM By cfridrich

What is the Best Mobile Management Solution for your Business?

Technology has undoubtedly transformed our lives in so many ways, including the way we work. With mobile devices and internet access playing such a fundamental role in how employees do their jobs, it’s not surprising that more organizations are looking for innovative solutions to make management of these devices simpler and easier. There is an abundance of mobile management software, solutions, and services available today; however, you should choose these options wisely and find the best option that will meet your business needs now and well into the future as well as help streamline operations.

Mobility Management services are on the rise as corporate mobile plans and devices become more complex and costly for companies. The main carriers have no incentive to help you keep costs low. Inventory of mobile assets is increasingly difficult to track internally. IT teams in most companies oversee mobile/wireless programs yet many of the processes are not IT responsibilities. Provisioning, kitting and staging, connecting and canceling lines, reprovisioning and recycling when employees leave, repairs, end-user support, and reviewing invoices are just a few facets that are IT’s job but not a good use of their time.

The Cloud 9 Mobility/IoT Team is a staff of completely impartial, unbiased, and vendor-neutral industry experts who are not beholden to any vendor or service provider. One of our many jobs is to help you decipher and decrypt the complexities and challenges clients face trying to manage company mobile programs. Then to introduce clients to the solutions and vendors that will solve problems. 

We teach our clients best practices for evaluating in-house IT resources to manage enterprise mobility versus the decision to outsource those operations to ensure they're maintaining control of the use cases mobility can provide without getting caught up on the operational tasks it takes to implement those strategies. 

Cloud 9's Mobility/IoT team will teach you more about:

➨ The complexities and risks of managing mobile devices in-house and BYOD

➨ Knowing when the timing is right for outsourcing

➨ Discovering the best way to evaluate all the outsourcing options and vendors

➨ Best practices for measuring ROI and leveraging for competitive advantage

About Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Advisers helps business leaders and understaffed IT teams that need a strategic partner, not just another vendor. We help decision-makers buy great technology. We work with you to rationalize and reduce technology spending without sacrificing the technology itself and employ sound digital transformation principles and strategies.

We do not sell solutions, we help you buy the right solutions. We are not a vendor, we help you find the right vendors. We diagnose problems, prescribe solutions, and facilitate decisions.

We are impartial, unbiased, and vendor-neutral technology practitioners with expertise in four critical segments: Cybersecurity, Communications, Connectivity, and Cloud. Our proprietary software contains decades of data and analytics on all of the 250+ vendors in our Supplier Portfolio. We’ll help you quickly identify, research, evaluate, and compare appropriate solutions and vendors; eliminating months of labor trying to do it on your own. We’ll help you make confident decisions quickly. 

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