Mobility: Small Cell

07/07/2021 7:45 AM By cfridrich

Small Cell Wireless

Small Cells

A small cell installation consists of small radio equipment and antennas placed on structures such as streetlights, the roofs or sides of buildings, or other structures. They are about the size of a pizza box or backpack and are essential for transmitting data to and from a wireless/mobile device. 

Small cells look entirely different than the wireless infrastructure we are used to seeing. We are familiar with macro cells—those very tall, ugly cell towers you see along highways and city rooftops. Small cells are, well, smaller. They are lower-power cell sites that are installed every few blocks instead of miles apart. 

They generally serve many purposes like filling in dead spots and extending services. Most might think that Small Cells are really only for the big carriers. While that is usually the case, there are plenty of instances and use cases for commercial and industrial businesses. 

Building owners are one great example. A commercial or residential building owner may want to consider such options. It could be an investment, and could also provider a big ROI. Some select service providers (only found in our Supplier Portfolio) may be able to actually provide business and building owners with additional revenue streams by installing these Small Cells on their property. 

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