Prevent Ransomware with MFA

07/14/2021 9:55 AM By cfridrich

Ransomware is a real and growing problem

Anyone remember the pipeline incident waaaaay back in May? Many leaders realize it and some have elected to investigate and subscribe to cybersecurity/ransomware insurance. However, before any insurance company will cover you, they need to have assurances. They each have their own checklist of requirements. Those requirements are, as you may have guessed, cybersecurity technology related (in addition to people, policies, and procedures). Undoubtedly, MFA is on every one of those checklists. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is also a variant of MFA. 

Multi-Factor Authentication is an important identity management and access control measure requiring users to verify their identity even after the proper credentials have been entered. This extra verification is done through a second device or other method, typically via smartphone, after attempting to login to company apps and resources. 

There are quite a few options and ways to implement MFA and other identity & access management (IAM). Rather than having IT try and figure out the best solution, software, and methods to set up MFA properly on your own, consider a seasoned expert service provider (and let IT continue to do what they do best). 

Such services are sometimes referred to as IDaaS, Identity as a Service, and these services can manage user identities across simple, and the most complex, interconnected environments protecting critical data and applications no matter where they reside– public, private, hyper cloud, hosted, on-premises; here or on the other side of the world.

Identity as a Service (IDaaS) is ideal for organizations wrestling with making network access easy for staff, without compromising security. Let your IT team focus on driving business objectives, instead of solving end-user identity needs and issues.

Why IDaaS?

As ransomware and cyberthreats increase in prevalence and sophistication identity and access control, as a part of an overall security program, have become even more important within IT landscapes to preserve the sanctity of business data and applications.

  • Verify users are who they claim to be
  • Grant users access to only the apps, files, and resources they need at the right time
  • Ensure users have access across complex enterprise environments
  • Reduce dependence on security knowledge of individual users
  • Reduce risk of external threats
  • Simplify and centralize security
  • Reduce the number of password-related IT issues
  • Free up IT to focus on critical business initiatives

What MFA, 2FA, or other IAM methods are employed for your business?

What challenges did you face?

Are your users satisfied with the ease of access, or do they simply put up with it?

Get connected with the right vendors. Get help evaluating those vendors and solutions so you can get the best MFA or other Identity & Access Management (IAM) service, fast. Cloud 9 is the only 100%, vendor-neutral, cybersecurity expert that has the resources and portfolio of security vendors and service providers to get your problems solved quickly and confidently. 

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