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12/13/2023 2:18 PM By Chuck F

Bare Metal Servers May Improve Workload Performance

Onsite server hardware, then a move to a colocation datacenter, then private infrastructure (as a service), then public infrastructure /hypercloud -- now we've almost come full circle! Bare Metal architecture in the data center and/or as a service (IaaS) could be the better way to go for many. With so many options today, there's rarely a clear cut, straightforward, one-size-fits-all answer -- which ultimately translates to "hybrid". 

According to analyst firm Markets & Markets, the global bare metal market is projected to grow at a rate of 26.1% from 2022 to 2031. Today’s bare metal resurgence points to the shifting priorities of certain businesses, which traditionally turned to the public or hyper cloud for its remarkable flexibility.

Business with high-performance computing workloads such as adtech, fintech, gaming, research labs, AI/ML, and more are ideal for bare metal architectures.  Bare metal servers are also ideal for workloads with high outbound bandwidth usage, such as collaboration platforms, as well as use cases where dedicated compute environments are required by policy and/or compliance.

Compared to the public cloud, bare metal servers provide increased performance and control, most especially and specifically at the edge/locally, in addition to potential cost savings. Have full control over your hardware with 100% dedicated resources, to support the most demanding workloads—all with the flexibility of the cloud - hybrid cloud/datacenter/on-prem. Get the best of both worlds. 

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