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Make Smart Security, Cloud, & IT Investments Quickly and Confidently

Technology Sourcing Experts


We help companies buy cool (and important) stuff!

As strategic sourcing partners, Cloud 9 delivers peace of mind to business and IT leaders and their teams who need to find the right security, cloud & IT services and solutions, and more importantly, the right vendors that can deliver them. 


We stand between you and potential service providers to deliver clear, concise, and board-ready documentation and due diligence to slice through the marketing fluff and gimmicks. We translate the industry jargon and alphabet-soup. You get clarity with our proven system, decades of data, and our Pathfinder platform so you can make confident buying decisions that solve problems quickly.

Research and due diligence are essential for any new initiative. In the IT world, technology constantly changes and performing proper due diligence the traditional way is exhausting and highly time-consuming. 

Remove Vendor Fatigue

We remove the fatigue that always comes with trying to manage multiple potential vendors, theirs sales reps and engineers, and constantly repeating yourself in dozens of meetings when seeking new IT-related services and solutions.

Using Pathfinder, our proprietary IT decision-making platform, we streamline and facilitate the technology buyer’s journey and mitigate potentially expensive mistakes organizations experience. 

Reduce Risk

We reduce the risk involved when deciding on new or replacement cloud & IT-related services and solutions and mitigate potentially expensive mistakes organizations  can experience after purchasing new technologies when going with unproven and unknown vendors.

Business and IT leaders need to find and vet competent providers with the right solutions that their solve problems, and fast.  It is vital to get it right or risk implementing a solution that is more than you bargained for, more than you need, or worse yet, something staff won’t use. 

Streamline the IT Buying Process

Using our proven process and proprietary IT decision-making platform we facilitate and streamline the IT buying process so you can make decisions, solve problems, and achieve business outcomes quickly and confidently.

We facilitate the process to identify, research, evaluate, and compare appropriate vendors for those seeking various cloud & IT-related services and solutions, saving you time and money. 

Save Time

We become an extension of your team, control the bidders, and manage the process. We've already got all the data and done all the research on all the vendors in our portfolio.

Save Money

We help you save big by giving you the buying power of thousands of other clients.

Get Clarity

We help you find the right solutions and the right companies to choose from, distill the information, and clear the clutter.

Have Confidence

Know you're getting the best before the process even starts. All 250+ suppliers in our portfolio are thoroughly scrutinized and vetted.

Strategic Partners

Every company wants to be your partner. But let’s face it, if they’re selling you something, they're not a partner, they’re just another vendor.

Cloud 9 is different. We don't sell solutions, we help you buy the right solutions. We are not a vendor, we help you find the right vendors. We help you facilitate decisions quickly by providing clear and concise information on any of the 250+ participating member companies in our Supplier Portfolio.

Technology Experts

Our experts are impartial, unbiased, and vendor-agnostic. We become a complementary extension of your team and sit on your side of the table to design the right solution, find the right vendors, evaluate and vet those vendors, then fight to get you the best price and terms.

Better Suppliers. Better Choices. Better Pricing. Better Support.

Acquire all your IT-related services from the curated list of companies in the Cloud 9 Supplier Portfolio and get the collective buying power of thousands of other clients. Through Cloud 9 you'll get all the benefits and rewards that come with being a vendors largest customer. Our buying power becomes your buying power and you're guaranteed to get the best pricing and the best service no matter who you choose. We have the leverage to make sure of it. Plus that leverage comes in handy during the implementation, for account management, and when we need to escalate issue resolution. 

Even with multiple vendors we can help eliminate the finger pointing. Just imagine having a partner by your side, an extension of your team, that knows the ins and outs of all your IT service providers. One who will lend an extra hand when issues arise and one who can help make life easier  anytime you need new solutions or when major business changes are coming; like an office move or adding a new location. 

RFP-Alternative. Assisted Procurement Services.

We've moved!!!

Like with many these days much of our team is remote. And while we continue to provide our "RFP Alternative" services to US-based companies and their locations around the world, we thought it important to share that we've moved. Our beautiful new facility is located: 

100 N. Loudoun Street, Suite 130

Winchester, VA 22601