• Helping you make Smart IT Investments

  • Rationalize and Reduce Technology Spend

  • Professional Vendor Selection Services

     Identify, Research, Evaluate, and Compare only the best options

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  • Strategic Technology Experts

    Impartial.  Unbiased.  Vendor-Neutral.

  •     Due Diligence, from One Source, Built Right In.

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  • Unified Communications

    Enable your Workforce with Microsoft Teams and many others

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  • Get the Right Online Meeting and Collaboration Tools

    Zoom, Teams, Meet, GoTo, WebEx, Glip, AnyMeeting, and more

  • Contact Center

    ​Improved Agent Experience = Improved Customer Experience

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Cloud 9 Advisers helps business leaders and understaffed IT teams that need a strategic partner, not just another vendor. We help decision-makers buy the right technology solutions and not “get sold” on the wrong ones. We work with you to rationalize and reduce technology spending without sacrificing technology itself and employ sound digital transformation principles and strategies.

We are impartial, unbiased, and vendor-neutral technology practitioners with expertise in four critical segments: Cybersecurity, Communications, Connectivity, and Cloud. Our proprietary software contains decades of data and analytics on all of the 250+ vendors in our Supplier Portfolio. We’ll help you quickly identify, research, evaluate, and compare appropriate solutions and vendors; eliminating months of labor trying to do it on your own. 

We help you make buying decisions so you can invest in the right technology quickly and confidently. 
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Save Time

We become an extension of your team, control the bidders, manage the process, and do the legwork for you.

Save Money

We help you save big by giving you the buying power of thousands of other clients.

More Clarity

We find the right solutions and the right companies to choose from, distill the information, and clear the clutter.

More Confidence

We evaluate and negotiate to get you the best solutions, the best suppliers, and the best price.

Strategic Partners

Every company wants to be your partner. But let’s face it, if they’re selling you something, they're not a partner, they’re just another vendor.

Cloud 9 is different. We don't sell solutions, we help you buy the right solutions. We are not a vendor, we help you find the right vendors. We help you facilitate decisions quickly by providing clear and concise information on all of our 250+ participating member companies. 

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Technology Experts

Our experts are impartial, unbiased, and vendor-agnostic. We become a complementary extension of your team and sit on your side of the table to design the right solution, find the right vendors, evaluate and vet those vendors, then fight to get you the best price and terms.design the right solution, find the right vendors, evaluate and vet those vendors, then fight to get you the best price and terms.

Supplier Portfolio
Solution Portfolio

Better Companies. Better Choices. Better Pricing. Better Support.

Acquire all your technology services from the curated list of companies in the Cloud 9 Supplier Portfolio and get the collective buying power of thousands of other clients. Through Cloud 9 you'll get all of the benefits and rewards that come with being a vendors largest customer. Our buying power becomes your buying power and you're guaranteed to get the best pricing and the best service no matter who you choose. We have the clout and weight to make sure of it. Plus we add in project coordination and assistance, account management and bill reviews, and enhanced escalation support for every solution you acquire from any vendor in our Supplier Portfolio.

Even with multiple vendors we can help eliminate the finger pointing. Just imagine having a partner by your side, an extension of your team, that knows the ins and outs of all your technology vendors and service providers. One who will lend an extra hand when issues arise and one who can help make life easier when major business changes occur; like an office move or adding a new location. 
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