Supplier Portfolio

Instead of googling and guessing, come straight to the source. Who knows what you'll find and how much time you'll have to spend searching trying to find that "unicorn" vendor. Use the experts at Cloud 9. Stop wasting time on searches, research, and dozens of calls and meetings vetting vendors, only to find out they weren't worth the keyboard strokes it took to find them in the first place. We’ve already got all the data, done all the research, and vetted all the vendors in our Supplier Portfolio. 

We don’t allow just any company to be part of the portfolio. There is a rigorous application and qualification process for service provider companies to participate in the Cloud 9 Supplier Portfolio. All suppliers are thoroughly vetted and go through a six month evaluation process before becoming a member. Strict minimum standards ranging from financial, operations, process, and customer service, to data center certifications, security compliance, and other technical and business criteria are required. This sets the bar high so you have confidence that we'll only be evaluating top-quality companies for your project right from the start.

It can be hard to keep up sometimes, even for us, and we do this every day! Check back with us often to see the latest updated list of Suppliers. We are constantly evaluating and vetting new, innovative suppliers and adding them to the list. And, in some cases, dropping some providers that just don't make the cut anymore.