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About Cloud 9 Advisers

Cloud 9 Advisers exists to help organizations make smart IT investments quickly and confidently. We work with leadership and understaffed IT teams who are embarking on projects outside their wheelhouse and help to rationalize and reduce IT spend. We are objective, impartial, and unbiased strategic sourcing partners with vendor-neutral engineering teams that focus on four critical segments: Cybersecurity, Communications, Connectivity, and Cloud. We do not sell solutions, we work with you to identify and research solutions. We are not another vendor, we help you evaluate and compare vendors; so you can solve problems and achieve business outcomes, fast. 

Simply put, as technology sourcing experts, we help companies buy cool (and important) stuff!

Cloud 9 began many years ago as a group of friends and colleagues that wound up doing work for a few common clients. We were a misfit band of sales consultants, engineers, and project managers. Each of us worked for different companies but we all had the same goal: to solve problems for our mutual clients. Some moved on to bigger and better things. The few that remained decided it would be best to focus. So we did. 

Cloud 9 Advisers, LLC was formed as a client-facing, business-to-business firm in 2017 with the goal of forever changing the way businesses buy AI, contact center, cybersecurity, other important IT-related services and solutions: faster, better, less formal, and with the high-quality due diligence and integrity that all companies require. 

Things happen quickly and businesses need to be able to pivot on a dime. Many times that requires changes in IT services and solutions for businesses to stay ahead or even just to keep up. 

We realized that the traditional way businesses purchase solutions and services was broken, tired, and took way too long. 

The power of Cloud 9 and the leverage we afford our clients comes, in part, from our broker and distributor partnerships. Our distributor-only partnerships keep any and all vendors, providers, and carriers at arm’s length affording us the opportunity to truly remain vendor-neutral and unbiased so we stay totally focused on our clients’ best interests.

An Expert on Your Side!

We sit on your side of the table and stand between you and the bidders to slice through the marketing fluff, gimmicks, and industry jargon. 

Meet The Team

Chuck Fridrich

Client Services Leader

Karen Eissner

Special Consultant

Jason Haymond

Director, Cybersecurity

Why Cloud 9?

Better information, better choices: we constantly scrutinize all 250+ companies in our Supplier Portfolio and match them up with you based on your needs and their strengths.

Projects often include multiple companies to complete the total solution. Work exclusively with Cloud 9 and we’ll handle everything before, during, and after the acquisition of your technology services.

Get complimentary strategy, planning, and design services from our team of impartial, seasoned experts. Cloud 9 will carefully design the perfect solution with you and connect you with the best companies from our curated Supplier Portfolio.

Going direct often means dealing with one-track-minded sales people. Cloud 9 doesn’t have to worry about sales, quotas, or high-margin products to push. Our only agenda is your success.

You know your business, we know ours. We live and breathe technology services everyday. Partner with Cloud 9 and get confidence and clarity throughout the decision-making process. Plus, get our experts for free.

Better pricing, better support: through Cloud 9, you’ll get the collective buying power of thousands of other clients plus additional leverage that comes in handy for getting issues resolved quickly.

Partnerships are based on trust. We are the only partner you can trust to have your best interests in mind. Our fees are paid by our distributors and we have no direct relationships with any of the companies in our Supplier Portfolio.

Due Diligence is built into our process. We obtain multiple bids from competing suppliers and make your evaluation easier. No more wasting countless hours dealing with salespeople, vetting providers, and trying to compare apples to oranges.

We're not going anywhere. Cloud 9 is by your side for as long as you’re in business. You get additional leverage and an extra layer of account management and support for every solution you acquire from the companies in our Supplier Portfolio.

Not only do we help you find, evaluate, and select the best solutions, the best companies, and always get you the best pricing, we stay onboard well after you’ve signed their agreement to help with project implementation, ongoing account management, escalation support, renewals and replacements, and more.

It can be really exciting buying something new - especially now with all the promises of artificial intelligence. It can also be time-consuming and mentally taxing - especially now with all the promises of artificial intelligence (yes, we did that twice). Your time and effort could be put to better use elsewhere. This might be one reason you often tell all those well-meaning salespeople “we’ve moved that project to the back burner” because you know sometimes even the simplest purchase can take forever. Well, what if you didn’t have to shuffle those projects anymore. You could remain strategic and focused on the big-picture while still getting all those new services you know you need purchased, even the little ones. Now there is an easier and faster way to get the due diligence required and get things done. 

You need a quicker, simpler, and easier way to purchase complex, sophisticated, and even the simplest IT-related services; Cloud 9 is that way. Working with Cloud 9 you get teams of vendor-neutral experts knowledgeable in cybersecurity, communications, connectivity, and cloud. Get one-on-one assistance, expert advice, and guided access to our proprietary IT decision-making platform  that contains decades of data on over 250 vendors, carriers, and service providers in the Cloud 9 Supplier Portfolio. You’ll be guided through our easy process and get help to identify, research, evaluate, and compare appropriate vendors and solutions that will get problems solved, fast. We’ll provide you with board-ready due diligence and documentation so you can make decisions quickly and confidently. 

With Cloud 9, you get:
  • Clarity of purpose and actionable information
  • Concise, custom data-driven reports on key industries
  • No more vendor fatigue
  • Reduced risk
  • A streamlined IT buying process
  • Ongoing help and leverage from Cloud 9, forever.


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An Expert on Your Side!

We sit on your side of the table and stand between you and the bidders to slice through the marketing fluff, gimmicks, and industry jargon.