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Cloud is here to stay, but is your business ready? Which systems are better suited in the cloud now, and which are not? Is a hybrid approach more appropriate? Which providers should you invest in, and how do you make the transition? Should you jump right in, or should there be a steady, methodical migration? How would security, policy, and compliance be impacted? How will new cloud services impact current bandwidth? Do you have the appropriate internet and WAN connection strategy to support your new initiatives? How will these changes impact your budget? These are just a few of the many questions you should be asking. Cloud 9 Advisers can help your IT and financial teams answer these and other questions you may not even know to ask. We’ll take you to the next level quickly and securely.

Your journey to the Cloud, done the right way.

No matter where you are on your cloud journey, it’s essential you have a cloud migration strategy to guide you and it is critical that your strategy is constantly up-to-date. The decisions you make and the steps you take to adopt cloud services can have important implications for your business for years to come — and mistakes can be costly. That’s why it’s vital to have a strategic plan and experienced guide.

From building greenfield applications in the cloud, to migrating databases and transforming how you do business, Cloud 9 is here to help. We help to design and engineer supplier-neutral solutions that produce the results you want. We’ll show you which applications are suitable for the public cloud, and which might require dedicated infrastructure; whether to go "all-in" or if hybrid cloud would be best. 

Thousands of clients around the country rely on Cloud 9 to find the right companies from our Supplier Portfolio to managing their workloads across dedicated environments, AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba, VMware® and OpenStack®. Let us help you migrate to an agile, highly-available, secure solution that will continue to work for you as your business grows and changes.

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The word “cloud” may seem like a simple word, but in the dynamic world of technology it can mean a lot. If you were to ask five different people what cloud means, you may get five totally different answers. Cloud, more than anything, is really just a new term for services that have been around for ages.
Cloud really is just three simple things

  1. It’s not here; it’s somewhere else, such as a data center.

  2. It’s available “as a Service” or as you need it. It is often considered “consumption-based” or "subscription-based".

  3. It’s outsourced; trusting someone else to take care of it. This is not necessarily to replace staff, but rather to free them up to play a more strategic role.

As IT becomes increasingly strategic and critical to an organization’s bottom line, companies look to the Cloud to decrease IT complexity, increase agility, and drive ROI. Often, Cloud solutions are more secure, reliable, predictable, and scalable than on-premise solutions.

More Choice with Cloud 9 Advisers:

Cloud 9 Advisers has over 40 Cloud Solution Providers in our Supplier Portfolio and over 250 service provider companies total.  We constantly and thoroughly scrutinized all our suppliers and understand their strengths and weaknesses in each category.  We’ve also assessed the optimal suppliers and matched them with specific vertical markets, including: Association/Non-Profit, Automotive, Education, Enterprise, Financial, Healthcare, Hospitality, Legal, Manufacturing, Mid-Size Business, Real Estate, Retail, Small Business and so much more.  

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity:

Hackers, cybercriminals, natural and man-made disasters are no match for the Cloud.  Consolidate your hardware infrastructure or become completely hardware independent with a solid disaster recovery solution and business continuity plan.  With the right supplier and solution, you can centralize your recovery plan in a seamless, secure, redundant environment at a fraction of the cost of tradition disaster recovery options.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):

Reduce IT complexity, obsolescence, and costs by moving your IT infrastructure to a virtual, cloud-based environment.  Virtualization, disaster recovery, and compute/storage infrastructure in public, private or hybrid cloud environments can make organizations more secure, nimble, and scalable at a much lower cost.  

Desktop as a Service (DaaS):

Embrace a user mobility by utilizing the Cloud to access business applications and desktops on any device and in any location. Highly secure and flexible, DaaS eliminates the need for software maintenance, patching, and updates and makes purchasing and managing end-user devices simple, fast, and far less expensive. No need to manage hardware and obsolescence becomes a thing of the past in the right DaaS ecosystem.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) and IT as a Service (ITaaS)

Focus your time and budget on IT strategy by migrating your more tactical responsibilities to the right managed services providers.  Manage IT or ITaaS means your helpdesk, security, software updates, mobile device management, monitoring and management can all be managed by trained specialists in the Cloud.  ITaaS reduces capex, puts transparency around your financials and ensures predictability around cash flow.

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC):

Allow on-site and remote users to collaborate seamlessly between devices and platforms with Unified Communications.  VoIP, mobility, video-conferencing, virtual meetings, instant messaging, bring-your-own-device (BYOD), collaboration, and presence technologies can all work together seamlessly in the cloud… with the right solution and implementation. To learn more go to our Communications page.

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Cloud 9 Advisers helps organizations make smart IT investments quickly and confidently. Together, we'll identify, research, evaluate, and compare the right Cloud solutions from more than a dozen verticals.  Our curated Supplier Portfolio contains over 250 participating suppliers. We’ll help you determine the right cloud approach for your needs: colocation, private, public, hyper, or hybrid.  Then we'll help you get the best vendor.

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