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To Switch or not to Switch

That is the question. Either way we've got you covered. If you could keep your current plan, phones, and services, and save 20% to 35% every month on your bill from now on, would you do it? 

Mobile Optimization is an entire industry devoted to just such a thing, and we know all the best players. So, maybe, just maybe, not switching is a great idea.
Don't switch, optimize! 

If you've already been down that road, or you're just plain sick and tired of it, then switching may be the right choice. We are here to guide you in that decision; think of us as your "mobile swami" 

Did you know in the world of mobile and wireless carriers, service plans, and corporate accounts that switching carriers is a lot easier than you may think. Granted it's probably not something you want to do often. But if you're frustrated with your current mobile carrier, costs creeping up on your monthly bill, or perhaps just tired of poor customer service then switching now may solve your problems, even if you're still under contract. 

There's another fun little secret in the corporate mobile world -- the MVNO: Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Now we're not talking about those silly commercials that "boost" (wink, wink) about savings and plans starting at a dollar a month for unlimited everything - buy now pay later; and, save, save, save! No, the MVNOs we're talking about are built for business. 

If you have any sort of mobile plan with about 40 lines to 40,000 lines, let us help you fund the rest of your technology budget with savings of 15 to 40% off your mobile/wireless carrier bill every single month. 

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For industries such as Healthcare & Homecare, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Construction, Energy and Utilities, Oil and Gas, Transportation, Logistics, and more...

Mobilizing your business is about more than just giving people great devices and plans. It’s about making everything secure, easy to manage, and keeping costs under control while helping everyone stay mobile and productive. 

In addition to many Telecom Expense Management software and Managed Mobility Services, we work with all major carriers and every wholesaler and MVNO in the industry. Our participating companies offer white-glove, full lifecycle management support, technical resources, mobile helpdesk, engineering support, sourcing, procurement, deactivation, repairs and more. 

Let us help you find the right company to manage your mobile enterprise, design and manufacture custom IoT sensors, reduce mobile spending, and any other services that cover the entire mobility/wireless spectrum. 

Save Time and Money!

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Just some of the Mobility Solutions available from our suppliers:

  • Sourcing and procurement of phones, tablets, Machine-to-Machine (M2M), kiosk, IoT and accessories 
  • Custom IoT device and sensor concept, design, development, engineering, 
  • A full suite of applications for device, policy, users, inventory and expense/optimization management
  • Managed and professional services for application management, helpdesk, procurement, Move-Add-Change-Disconnect (MACD), and optimization
  • Cross-carrier voice/data pooling
  • Single SIM technology - one SIM card that works with over 600 domestic and global carriers
  • In-Building Mobile/Cellular signal amplification
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions and software
  • Mobile Security and Compliance
  • Mobile data bandwidth management and secure private networking 
  • Mobile Data Usage Control
  • Mobile/Wireless end-user helpdesk services and total life-cycle management

Our Supplier Portfolio includes:

  • All Major Mobile Carriers - Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint
  • MVNO-Mobile Virtual Network Operators, Mobile carrier aggregaters/wholesalers - one bill, one agreement, one account - any/all of the major carriers
  • EMM-Enterprise Mobility Management companies
  • MMS-Managed Mobility Services companies
  • TEM/WEM-Telecom/Wireless Expense Management companies
  • DAS-Distributed Antenna Systems for in-building mobile/cellular signal amplification
  • Drones as a Service
  • LoRaWAN (learn more about Low Power WAN for IoT at the LoRa Alliance)

Mobile Apps and Services

  • BANDWIDTH ANYWHERE - Work and collaborate seamlessly. Create a reliable, highly secure connection between hard to reach locations and remote employees and the internet and your core network. 
  • IN-BUILDING SOLUTIONS - Improve the quality and extent of your wireless reception, anywhere.
  • DATA PRIORITIZATION - Optimize and prioritize critical applications. Get your data through the congestion quickly and efficiently.
  • FLEET MANAGEMENT - Comply with new FTC regulations. Track and manage your entire fleet, assets, and workforce in real-time. Monitor Engine Control Modules (ECM), pre-crash analytics, speed, increase fuel efficiency, maintenance and other operational costs. Manage your job orders electronically and dispatch the closet available driver. Lower fuel and maintenance costs. Real time location services for safety compliance, driver and cargo certification
  • FIELD MANAGEMENT - Strengthen communications, improve control over field operations, and deliver services faster and more efficiently.
  • DRONE-as-a-SERVICE - Commercial, industrial, and institutional drone mapping & surveying applications
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT - Track, trace, tag, log, detect, diagnostics, real-time and predictive utilization, asset security, loss prevention, tamper evidence / alerts, real-time intelligence, real-time analytics, energy management, audit and compliance logging and control, temperature / humidity / environmental controls, waste reduction, maintenance analytics and predictive scheduling...