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There are plenty of delineations in the security space, but each has its place and purpose and security is designed to be layered. Your organization may not need every piece and every latest tatic, but everyone needs far more than just a firewall! However you slice it, security should be a major topic of conversation with business leadership. Many security topics are obvious and few would dare not have the basics in place. But when things get more sophisticated, the conversation with leadership gets harder. With so many options, providers, compliance, regulations, and dynamic threats, out there, it's no wonder that cybersecurity is the bane of most IT professionals existence.

IT and security are integral and inseparable and security deserves its own seat at the table. Both IT and Cybersecurity have long-reaching tentacles into most, if not all, departments of an organization. Cloud 9 Advisers can help IT and Security be the enablers of business. 

The first step should be to look at cybersecurity as a top-down philosophical approach: 

When applying this philosophy to assist in building or selecting the appropriate framework, different departments within any organization will have different priorities. For example; the priority for Human Resources might be the confidentiality of data, while Finance/Sales priority might be data integrity, the numbers have to be right, no matter what. In an e-commerce business, availability would likely be the top priority. Again, this does not mean that any of the other two are not important. Ranking the level of importance is critical as you continue to build out the rest of your framework.

Just because you're compliant, doesn't mean you're secure.

The conversation about security should be an honest business conversation rather than the latest technology, breach, remedy, or regulation. 

Protection and security are important to the business and to profits, but it is a process of weighing and balancing potential risks and rewards. Companies should not be in the game of “chasing compliance” but rather look at security uniformly across the entire organization. Once the right security and IT philosophy are in place, compliance actually becomes the easy part. Compliance and government regulations related to security have recently been imposed because of the inability or unwillingness of organizations to properly consider security throughout their business processes. 

Cybersecurity Assessments

CyberSecurity related assessments vary from overall and strategic to very technical and tactical. They are designed to build upon one another with each providing its own set of information for the others to be more efficient and effective. These assessment tools and procedures also contribute to the overall security philosophy and framework by constantly measuring its efficacy.

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Let's assume for a moment you've been compromised...

How quickly can you identify the threat? 

How quickly can you contain the threat?

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