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Is your IT Team understaffed? Have they been tasked to research services, solutions, and vendors for projects that just may be outside their wheelhouse? Put their time, and yours, to better use. 

Cloud 9 Advisers exists to quickly and confidently move you through the IT buying process. We guide you through the identification, research, evaluation, and comparison of commercial, business, and industrial technology solutions using our Vendor Selection and Vendor Management services. 

Our job is to make you look good and help you do your job better. 

We provide peace-of-mind to both technical and non-technical decision-makers and their teams that are seeking to purchase new or replacement IT-related services and solutions. We prepare you with comprehensive, board-ready information to validate decisions and the value of the solution.

We provide deep insights and intelligence on the vendors, carriers, and service providers in order to facilitate decisions, solve problems, and help you achieve expected business outcomes.

Vendor Selection

Our Vendor Selection services begin by helping you identify your current and future technology state from both a functional and technical perspective. Together, we will help develop the technical requirements and design an initial solution outline, which can then be used as a blueprint to screen and select potential vendors from the Cloud 9 Supplier Portfolio based on your business needs. 

Once vendors have been researched and further vetted for fitness of purpose, your Cloud 9 Strategic Adviser will manage the invitations for vendor meetings and demonstrations, help compare vendors on a common footing, ensure that functional concerns are addressed, and establish sufficient buy-in with key stakeholders. We will also assist you in solution and price comparison, final pricing and contract negotiations, ensure that mutually beneficial agreements are in place, and that potential liabilities and risks of working with each vendor are properly assessed.

Vendor Management

Once vendors are selected and a contract between your organization and the winning vendor(s) has been completed, our Vendor Management services will provide a variety of continuous and complimentary vendor and account management support for all solutions acquired through our Vendor Selection services, which include:
  • Implementation project management, coordination, and assistance, when applicable
  • Ensuring invoice accuracy: 3, 6, and 12 month review
  • Testing vendor capabilities, turnaround times, and quality of work.
  • Evaluating vendor performance and output against pre-established selection criteria.
  • Enhanced Escalation Support
  • Provide feedback to vendors for continuous quality assurance.
  • Ongoing Account Management
  • Complete Vendor Lifecycle Management

Technology Concierge

Cloud 9 is committed to helping our clients get the most out of their technology solutions and services. With our pre-qualified and thoroughly vetted Supplier Portfolio, strict vendor screening, and top-tier vendor management services, we will ensure that you get the best value possible from your suppliers while helping you establish relationships that will lead to substantial savings and long-term gains.

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