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Cloud 9 Advisers, together with our distributors, is made up of more than 300 people all to help you find the right vendors, carriers, and service providers that will solve your problems. We help you save time and money on all your IT-related services and solutions. Get more confidence and clarity throughout the decision-making process. 

We offer our clients a comprehensive suite of business services that include: simplified RFP administration and assistance, Contract Negotiation, Strategic IT Sourcing, Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Technology Expense Assessment (which include a thorough review of all invoices to correct billing errors, eliminate services not being used, obtain best-in-class pricing, and expense reduction, contract auto-renew management), Technology Review/Conversion, Service Optimization, Project Management, Procurement Services, and Total Technology Lifecycle Management and Enhanced Escalation Support.

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Let’s face it, we’re all too busy. You've got enough on your plate. You probably just don’t have the time to deal with the entire process of another new IT buying project, let alone go through contract renewals every three to five years. And, should that agreement slip and auto-renew... again... then what?  Who knows what you'll be paying. There's a reason most of those agreements are only a three-year term. Things change and usually in your favor, but only if you do something about it. For new projects and initiatives, it just gets far too daunting to keep up and think about all the details, minutia, and implications of going one way over another. And every time you go to the next step, there are another set of "branching" circumstances and details to manage.
We take care of all of that for you.


Our process is simple. We gather your "vitals" and nail down all the who's, what's, where's, when's, why's, and how's of your project. Then we sift through our Supplier Portfolio to find the right companies to evaluate. Once we line them up, together we'll learn more about who they are, how they work, and what they offer.  We'll get some initial pricing to help set the stage and expectations, schedule meetings, introductions, and demos, and help you to narrow down the list of bidders. Once we've got a shortlist, we'll dig in deep and make sure they are able to deliver. Then we'll make them duke-it-out to ensure you get the best solution at the best price. 

We sit on your side of the table throughout the entire process to ask the right questions and help you navigate the purchasing process. We can, of course, customize our program to fit your specific needs. Remember that all solutions acquired from companies in the Cloud 9 Supplier Portfolio get our low price guarantee, leveraged buying power of thousands of other clients, complimentary project management, ongoing account management, and enhanced escalation support services. 

The more solutions you acquire from the companies in the Cloud 9 Supplier Portfoliothe more we can help you. 

Trusted Adviser
Cloud 9, Strategic Technology Adviser

Ever used a Financial Adviser or Insurance Agent?

What about a Technology Agent? 

We all need an edge, right? The right technology can be the differentiator for your business and make you stand out in the marketplace. There is a lot of talk today about how to turn the traditional, support-only role of IT into a revenue-generating role, or at least get a "seat at the table" by moving from a cost-center to a strategic asset of the revenue-generating departments. Let an impartial, unbiased, and full-service IT sourcing partner work on your behalf and free up your time. You can't possibly be expected to know everything that's out there. That's why you should rely on us. We help you do your job better. We make you look good. We'll help you find the right companies, solutions, and formulate strategies to digitally transform your organization. And, you'll get board-ready documentation and due diligence. We have over 250 carefully curated IT-related service providers in our Supplier Portfolio. We specialize in helping businesses invest in the right solutions and buy them from the right vendors. Work with a Cloud 9 strategic adviser who will review your needs, today. 

The Better Way...

Our sole purpose in life is to save you time and money and give you confidence and clarity throughout the decision making process. We are here to make you look good! Our goal is to make sure you are confident in and downright happy with the acquisition of your new solution or renewed agreement, no matter which company you decide to go with, or what the solution might be. 

Acquire all your technology services and solutions from the companies in the Cloud 9 Supplier Portfolio and get the collective buying power of thousands of other clients. Through Cloud 9 you'll get all of the benefits and rewards that come with being a vendors largest customer. That kind of Buying Power has its rewards.

Cloud 9 Advisers is truly impartial, unbiased, and vendor-agnostic. We are full-service technology partners and strategic advisers. Think of us as a technology, agent, adviser, broker, and account manager all rolled into one. We match up your specific needs and requirements to a list of qualified and vetted providers within our portfolio. We work with you to create the business case and needs analysis, and walk you through the discovery and design phase. We comb through our portfolio of over 200 cybersecurity, telecom, ISP, hosted, cloud and other service provider companies. We start with the right companies and their solutions then work with you to refine and  hone the requirements, then evaluate the companies to get you the best options for your needs. We facilitate a closed, controlled, and managed environment to instill healthy competition of bidding companies that fit your particular requirements. We manage the complex procurement process for you, which meets corporate policies for due diligence and purchasing. Next, we consolidate and collate all the information so you can make a fully informed decision on the best provider for you. We sit on your side of the table throughout the entire process and help negotiate the best terms and final price. After that, the agreement is between you and your choice as the winning provider directly. Cloud 9 Advisers also includes certified project management services on all solutions purchased from companies in our Supplier Portfolio. Plus, we also provide an additional layer of account management. The more you aquire solutions form companies in our Portfolio, the more we can manage for the long-term. Also, If any issues ever come up with any of the providers, we’re always here to help with enhanced escalation support services.
  • Full-Service 
  • Industry Experts
  • Impartial, Unbiased, Supplier-Neutral
  • Vendor and solution agnostic 
  • Due Diligence built in: multiple bidders, all from one source
  • Bidding, Evaluation, and Procurement process management
  • Shield you from annoying sales people
  • We sit on your side of the table as an extension of your team
  • Final agreement is between you and the winning supplier
  • Complimentary, multi-supplier Project Management 
  • Ongoing, complimentary, multi-supplier Account Management
  • Enhanced Escalation Support
  • Complete Vendor Lifecycle Management

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