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Unified Communications

Nearly every organization, regardless of size or industry, needs sophisticated communications tools at its core. Especially in today's environment,  businesses need solutions to connect their remote workforce. What if there was a way of achieving better integration and collaboration that was more reliable, flexible, simple, and more cost effective? The right Unified Communications provider can help make this a reality. Cloud 9 is here to help you find the right cloud-based Unified Communications provider. A cloud Unified Communications solution is often referred to as Unified Communications a Service, or UCaaS.

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Finding the right enterprise communications solution has always been complicated. Now, our society’s methods of communication have proliferated in the form of instant messaging, team sharing and collaboration, social media, video conferencing, online or virtual meetings, texting, and even virtual desktops. The strange and unusual state of things today demand seamless, simple communications tools and especially virtual meetings for everyone, as working from home is the new normal, at least for the foreseeable future. So how can businesses keep up with the growing demand and allow its users to work on any device, from anywhere, at any time? No matter their size or industry, all businesses are essentially technology companies and must stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive.

Luckily, the right unified communications provider and framework doesn’t have to be costly and complex. The concept of unified communications (UC) has revolutionized the communications industry, making it easier than ever to communicate and collaborate. Offered in a complete package as a cloud-based service, unified communications can radically simplify operations and transform your business. And, when considering all factors, often for far less money than cobbling together several solutions from several different sources and providers.

Cloud 9 Advisers makes it easy. As your strategic partner and technology adviser, we will help your business source and implement a custom-tailored UCaaS strategy. Our primary goal is to ensure that you receive the best possible solution that maps and scales to your business objectives. We are here to find you the right solution, the right unified communications provider, at the best pricing and terms possible. 

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In the new age of unified communications, businesses of all sizes face unprecedented challenges. Users demand a diverse, accessible array of media channels with a seamless user experience. Employees do their best work in a UC environment. UCaaS is the right solution to meet these challenges for nearly any business. It offers flexible, scalable communications tools in a cloud-based package. UCaaS eliminates the costly patchwork of communications tools and offers efficient communication, collaboration, and mobility even for stratified global enterprises.

By driving efficiency, productivity and cost savings, UCaaS provides businesses with a competitive advantage in their marketplace. The “as-a-service” model guarantees lower CAPEX investment, increases reliability, and reduces the burden on IT and admin staff.

Every company wants to be your partner, but if they are selling you something, they’re not your partner, they’re just another vendor. Cloud 9 is different. We don’t actually sell anything and we don't charge our clients. Our fees are covered by our distributors and never the providers directly. We become a complementary, vendor-agnostic extension of your team. As your unified communications experts, Cloud 9 Advisers helps you design the right solution, find the right companies, and get you the best price. Plus, we stick around to make sure the winning vendor gets it right and to hold them accountable down the road should any other issues arise.  

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