Under Constant Attack

07/21/2021 2:59 PM By Chuck F

Constant attacks require constant Security

We’re in an environment where our systems are constantly under attack. They're under attack from all sorts of diverse players who are trying to take advantage of the private proprietary information that is available. 

Companies are really focused on compliance ensuring that they are protecting their business value from these types of attacks. Every executive has an obligation to ensure that they are compliant with security. 

What are most companies doing for security? 

Most companies only have basic firewall protection, your basic intrusion prevention (not necessarily intrusion detection), generally just hardware-based. A few others may do just a little more; they may conduct regular scans of their environment. This is really no different than your home having a basic lock and maybe a deadbolt. There is no alarm system like you might have in a home to see and be alerted when intrusions are happening. Being alerted of intrusion is critical in business so that more immediate actions can be taken. Often enough, attacks can be sly and stealthy. Recent studies show that malicious code is embedded on business systems for more than 250 days before it is ever used to promote an actual attack. The reason being so that attackers know their code is also well planted in several layers of business backups as well as active systems. 

How have today’s complex attacks changed systems and the approach to security? 

The attacks are becoming more sophisticated, automated,  and voluminous, so we no longer have the time nor capability to react in a manual way. We actually have to have machine learning and other artificial intelligence technologies to adapt and scan the environment much more rapidly looking for these constant intrusions malicious code, and breeches. These technologies work in tandem with professional cybersecurity teams and Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to constantly manage, monitor, and alert. The trick with alerts is dramatically reducing false positives. Too many alerts are just as futile as too few. 

How much does a cyber attack cost? 

Recent US cyber crime studies show an average measurement of damage from a breach: a 46 day long average resolution at an average of $21k per day, plus regulatory fines, and major customer fallout. These attacks can be highly damaging to any business. Cyber insurance can only go so far and cover so much. Claims can also be denied for a host of often confusing reasons, leaving the business to fit the bill. These newer types of cyber insurance policies have many requirements and stipulations, and with a sense of irony, those requirements are very much cybersecurity technology many of which are security technology related.

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