POTS going away!

07/23/2021 8:48 AM By Chuck F

FCC Mandates all POTS Lines in US to be Replaced

FCC mandates POTS lines be replaced. Contact Cloud 9 Advisers
The FCC has issued an order that mandates all copper-based telecommunications infrastructure in the US be replaced with alternative services by August 2, 2022.

Major telecom carriers have already started phasing them out.

With the FCC and telephone providers working towards the retirement of copper lines across the nation, POTS will only get more expensive and more difficult to get. This disruption can give your business, building, and other commercial properties big challenges to overcome if not addressed urgently…..and there is no time to wait.

Commercial buildings require FLS - Fire, Life, Safety systems: life-saving emergency communications solutions that run natively on these analog lines (POTS) to include: Fire Alarms, Elevators, Security Systems, and more. 

Building owners and property managers must find alternatives. One option is replace all FLS systems, which will be extremely expensive and highly disruptive. Another option is find FLS certified and approved technologies that can provide current analog line connected building systems with the same connections they need while satisfying the FCC mandate. 

Cloud 9 can provide you with critical guidance to prepare you and reduce the risk around analog and POTS line replacement options to include:

  • Redundancy Planning – Make sure you have an alternative and the backups that you need
  • Cost Reduction  Tips for savings 40-60% over current POTS
  • Reliability and Scope – Review replacement options to properly support and scale to business needs

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