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04/25/2024 3:02 PM By Chuck F

VMware’s Transition to Subscription-Based

Overview of VMware’s Transition to Subscription-Based Models

Recently, VMware announced significant changes to its product portfolio and licensing models related to Broadcom’s acquisition. The company has transitioned to a subscription model, introducing VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and VMware vSphere Foundation (VVF) as its core offerings. This shift means many VMware solutions will only be available as part of VCF or VVF, rather than as standalone products. Add-on services enhance these offerings covering storage, security, disaster recovery, and other specific needs.

Additionally, VMware is planning a "Bring Your Own License" option, allowing flexible deployment of subscriptions. This change aims to simplify the portfolio, enhance customer value, and accelerate innovation delivery. For those using products now at End of Availability (EOA), VMware will continue support until the end of existing subscription terms, after which customers will need to transition to the new models. The update includes a comprehensive list of products affected by these changes, indicating their replacement or integration within the new structure.

On the horizon from Broadcom / VMware: 

  • New Core Offerings and Changes
  • Series of products End of Availability (EOA)
  • Purchasing & Licensing Changes
  • Customer and Partner Success
  • Support Program Changes
  • "Bring Your Own License” Options
  • Impact on Cloud Service Providers

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