VMware: New Core Offerings

04/29/2024 3:35 PM By Chuck F

New Core Offerings and Changes from VMware

VMware's new core offerings, as part of their transition to a subscription-based model, are the VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and VMware vSphere Foundation (VVF). VCF is designed for customers seeking a full-stack infrastructure platform, integrating solutions like vSphere, vSAN, and NSX with the Aria management suite. On the other hand, VVF is tailored for data center optimization in traditional vSphere environments, including Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and Aria Operations as standard features. These offerings represent VMware's shift towards streamlined, subscription-only solutions, enhancing customer value and innovation delivery.

End of Availability (EOA) Products

VMware has announced EOA for several of its products, transitioning them to a more streamlined portfolio focused on VCF and VVF. This change means numerous standalone VMware products are now integrated into these core offerings or have been replaced by them. Notably, VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus, vSAN, and other key products are available within the VCF or VVF structure. This shift aims to simplify VMware's offerings and focus on subscription-based solutions, enhancing customer value and enabling a more straightforward approach to selecting VMware products.

End of Availability (EOA) items, effective May 6, 2024:

  • 350M/750M/5G bandwidth tiers (for services SD-WAN, Enhanced Firewall Service, and Regional add-ons)

  • SD-WAN Software Orchestrator-Only deployment options

  • SD-WAN Work From Home subscriptions

  • VMware Edge Intelligence Hardware (Crawler and SFP)

  • Hardware Rental Program

  • Customer and Partner Success services (CPS)

  • Support:

    • VMware SASE Basic/Production/Premier support tiers

    • VMware SASE Carrier Grade Support

    • VMware SD-WAN Hardware Replacement Services

Cloud 9: your VMware Resource

The changes at VMware have created a lot of confusion for existing VMware customers. Reach out to us to get the guidebook and know that a relationship with us is in place will help create a clear path forward and to increase your success and value to your own customers.