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06/19/2024 5:03 PM By Chuck F

How AI Solves Today’s Business Challenges

Let's explore the current landscape of AI, practical applications to solve modern business problems, and steps you can take to confidently identify the right AI technologies for your evolving needs.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has graduated from hype to everyday use for most of us humans, whether we realize it or not. In a span of just a few years, generative AI in particular has reached revolutionary status thanks to a perfect storm of more data, computing power, and advanced algorithms. And it could be argued that the debut of one easy-to-use interface that anyone with an internet browser could make use of – ChatGPT – signaled the tipping point for widespread AI adoption in the workplace. 71% of respondents in Microsoft’s 2023 Work Trend Index report said their companies are already using AI, mostly for personal productivity.¹

Beyond communication and content creation, AI-enabled technologies have significant potential to tackle a wide range of key business challenges including workforce automation, knowledge management, security, drug discovery and disease diagnosis, engineering design, and other problems that have been difficult to solve until now. 

Yet there are legitimate privacy and security concerns as AI continues to evolve and become more accessible to the ill-intended. In PrivacyHawk’s 2023 personal data survey, 48% of people said they fear AI will impact them negatively, while 80% are concerned about the misuse of their personal data.²

There is no question that businesses have a lot to navigate as they define and evaluate the scope and timing of their AI implementation strategies. But early adoption is worth it: Early adopters of the latest technologies are 100% more likely to see high revenue growth and consistently report higher metrics about key business goals such as brand perception and employee satisfaction.³ As a trusted technology advisor, Cloud 9 can play a pivotal role in introducing proven AI opportunities and connecting you with the resources needed to harness AI’s power effectively and gain a competitive edge.

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