Ethical AI

07/01/2024 7:42 AM By Chuck F

Only 6% have AI guidelines

A Note About Ethical AI Use

As Cloud 9 works with its clients to integrate AI into client business strategies, clients need guidance on how to use AI responsibly. Against a backdrop of heightened concerns regarding data privacy, businesses are embracing the concept of ethical AI practices. However, many organizations are uncertain about where to begin. According to a report by ZDNet, while 73% of business leaders acknowledge the indispensability of AI guidelines, only a mere 6% have actually established such guidelines within their companies. This significant gap highlights the pressing need for clear, actionable frameworks to guide ethical AI deployment and use.

Furthermore, while customers generally support the adoption of AI tools for enhanced efficiency and personalized services, 65% have lost trust due to a lack of transparency in how businesses handle their data. This erosion of trust can have serious implications for customer loyalty and brand reputation - not to mention potential legal issues. In this context, it is crucial for businesses to prioritize ethical AI practices not only to comply with regulations but also to build and maintain customer trust. Implementing robust data governance policies, ensuring transparency in AI operations, and fostering a culture of accountability are essential steps. As advisors, we play a pivotal role in helping our clients navigate these challenges, ensuring that the deployment of AI technologies aligns with ethical standards and enhances, rather than undermines, client and end-customer trust.

Cloud 9: AI pros

At Cloud 9, we are incredibly enthusiastic about the transformative capabilities of emerging technologies such as AI and are dedicated to assisting our clients in unlocking its vast potential. Our expertise, resources, and supplier partnerships empower clients to adopt cutting-edge AI technologies in areas like customer experience (CX), cybersecurity, cloud computing, mobility, IoT, and advanced networking. Our engineering and architecture teams lead the way in AI-driven business transformation, ready to help you identify and capitalize on new AI opportunities to address your most critical business challenges, both now and as your business evolves.

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