Mobile Expense Management

07/15/2021 7:23 AM By Chuck F

Mobile / Wireless Expense Management

Expense Management 

Often referred to Telecom Expense Management (TEM) or Wireless Expense Management (WEM), expense management service providers evaluate spend for small, medium, and enterprise businesses and, in nearly all cases, save the customer significant money by identifying unutilized and under utilized services, plans, lines, and devices, often without any changes to overall carrier plans or contracts. 

Also, they save you time and money by automating ordering and provisioning processes, proactively managing carriers, performing day-to-day management of users mobility needs and devices, and providing detailed reporting & analytics of everything.  

They also help by: 
  • Optimizing mobile plans based on the device type and usage
  • Getting rid of unused or underutilized lines and plans
  • Pooling data to eliminate overages and roaming charges
  • Finding and applying unknown rate plans, promos, and discounts 

These same providers can also provide complete lifecycle management services that track the assets from acquisition to termination, including data wipe, limiting applications on the devices, and more.

We are not here to sell you anything because we don't have anything to sell. Our only purpose is to help you find the right vendors that have the solutions you need to solve your problems fast. 

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