Cloud backup

07/04/2023 1:10 PM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
Managed cloud backup services offer many benefits, including: Improved Data Security, Disaster Recovery, Cost-Effective, Scalability, Automation. But which solutions are right for your company?

Cloud Backups: The way to go!

06/19/2023 9:58 AM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
A cloud-based backup solution offers greater accessibility, scalability, redundancy, security, and cost-effectiveness than a traditional backup solution. Reach out to Cloud 9 Advisers for vendor-neutral, unbiased info and evaluation.

M365 needs backup!

02/22/2021 4:33 PM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
It's your data. It's your responsibility. Microsoft’s own documentation recommends that customers M365/O365 seek third-party backup solutions and/or services for whenever possible. There is no actual backup in place for M365/O365 and no self-service option for recovery.