Supplier Spotlight: EvolveIP

04/23/2020 8:32 AM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
Just a few years ago, when it came to application implementation, IT held all the power. If Marketing wanted a new CRM, it would need to be technically blessed, deployed, and provisioned by IT. Things have drastically changed.

Supplier Spotlight: Effortless

04/21/2020 7:10 PM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
It's probably not surprising that remote workers outperform office workers in several key areas. Studies have shown that people working remotely are more productive, better at collaborating, and more present than their office-bound counterparts.

Supplier Spotlight: RapidScale

04/16/2020 6:00 PM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
Technology started allowing us to work remotely in the early 2000s. originally allowing people to connect to corporate networks from home to access email, file servers or other systems. A lot has changed, for the better.

Supplier Spotlight: StratusWorx

04/13/2020 10:52 PM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
For businesses suffering from COVID-19, contact Cloud 9. Many of our providers are offering non-profits, healthcare providers, and small businesses six months of free Cloud Desktops, including free Microsoft Office with Microsoft Teams, for up to 10 users.

WFH: The New Normal

03/19/2020 5:00 PM By cfridrich - Comment(s)
Business continuity is important during these weird times. Enabling work-from-home (WFH) technologies for staff will be important. There are many offering free tools and solutions with extended free trials. But it is still important to evaluate your options, even if only temporary.