Working with Consultants

07/11/2024 9:25 AM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
A consultant is your partner, not an adversary. They can be the best good luck charm for your contact center and business.

Proven Value

07/08/2024 8:41 AM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
Explore proven business value from AI and a few simple (but not necessarily easy) entry points to get started.

Decoding AI

07/01/2024 11:05 AM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
It's out there, it is real, it's not going away, and when applied properly, AI can transform your business. Cloud 9 can help.

Ethical AI

07/01/2024 7:42 AM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
Clients need guidance on how to use AI responsibly, yet many organizations are uncertain about where to begin. Cloud 9 can help.

Get help with AI

06/19/2024 5:03 PM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
Explore AI, practical applications, and steps to confidently identify the right AI technologies for your evolving needs.

Google: an alternative

06/17/2024 4:13 PM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
Microsoft faces scrutiny after scathing report from DHS. Google says they have the answer.

Key security Concepts, 1

05/13/2024 5:42 AM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
A cybersecurity framework is a set of practices, policies, and procedures that help an organization to create an effective security program.  Key concepts for Cybersecurity is starting with a framework. There are plenty of pre-built frameworks available to guide you based on your industry,...

Change often brings challenges

05/03/2024 8:51 AM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
Wake me up when it's all over!

VMware impact on CSPs

04/30/2024 6:39 AM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
The acquisition of VMware by Broadcom has left many scratching their heads and customers very concerned for many reasons. Not to worry Cloud 9 has you covered. Our experts and Supplier Portfolio are ready to help.

VMware: New Core Offerings

04/29/2024 3:35 PM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
VMware new core offerings represent a shift towards streamlined, subscription-only solutions, attempting to enhance customer value and innovation delivery

How to truly go Passwordless

04/26/2024 5:08 PM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
Patented AI technology provides the strongest end-to-end identity verification authentication and continuous risk management for human and machine identities

VMware journey

04/26/2024 3:27 PM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
Get the guide. Get a plan. Changes to VMware will be impactful to many.

VMware changes

04/25/2024 3:02 PM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
Change can be scary. VMware changes don't have to be a nightmare. Our team of experts is ready.

GPT and Healthcare

01/22/2024 2:01 PM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
Fast-paced advancements in generative AI will change the core operations of every healthcare organization. AI-driven technology is not just a side project anymore.

Back to Bare Metal, again?

12/13/2023 2:18 PM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
There's rarely a clear cut, straightforward, one-size-fits-all answer. Business with high-performance computing workloads are ideal for bare metal architectures

Gone Phishin'

12/04/2023 11:53 AM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
How do you make sure they get it? Any Security Awareness Training (SAT) program worth it's salt should have phishing simulation built it. This article breaks down the benefits, from measuring your employees' security awareness to creating a robust culture of security within your organization

Always-On Endpoint Management

11/14/2023 1:06 PM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
In a world where employees are increasingly working from anywhere and on any device, it's more important than ever to have a solution in place that can manage and protect all endpoints at all times.

CX vs. CS

11/09/2023 12:25 PM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
Customer experience (CX) and customer service (CS) are often used interchangeably, but there is a key difference between the two.

The new SATs

11/03/2023 3:20 PM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
A well orchestrated Security Awareness Training (SAT) program for every single person in your company is perhaps the single most important cybersecurity tool, feature, element, solution, or service one could implement.

Microsoft AI

10/30/2023 6:02 PM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
Microsoft Cloud pushes Q4 earnings to new heights. Microsoft chairman and CEO Satya Nadella highlighted Microsoft's investment in AI, stating, "With copilots, we are making the age of AI real for people and businesses everywhere. We are rapidly infusing AI across every layer of the tech stack ...