Always-On Endpoint Management

11/14/2023 1:06 PM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
In a world where employees are increasingly working from anywhere and on any device, it's more important than ever to have a solution in place that can manage and protect all endpoints at all times.

CX vs. CS

11/09/2023 12:25 PM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
Customer experience (CX) and customer service (CS) are often used interchangeably, but there is a key difference between the two.

The new SATs

11/03/2023 3:20 PM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
A well orchestrated Security Awareness Training (SAT) program for every single person in your company is perhaps the single most important cybersecurity tool, feature, element, solution, or service one could implement.

Microsoft AI

10/30/2023 6:02 PM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
Microsoft Cloud pushes Q4 earnings to new heights. Microsoft chairman and CEO Satya Nadella highlighted Microsoft's investment in AI, stating, "With copilots, we are making the age of AI real for people and businesses everywhere. We are rapidly infusing AI across every layer of the tech stack ...


10/27/2023 10:58 AM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
For better or worse, these 'features" are now expectations of your customers. TechTarget, experts share their insights on how AI can be used to improve CX and customer service in a variety of ways. Learn how Cloud 9 experts can help.

Remediation vs. Response

10/26/2023 8:50 AM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
There is an important and distinct difference between response and remediation. As with many things these days there are plenty of opinions. And like other things along that train of thought, they all stink. Except this one, of course!

Healthcare AI

10/25/2023 10:00 AM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
AI and industry partnerships are advancing our health research and helping us create products focused on improving health for billions of people.

next level of CX

10/20/2023 9:32 AM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
Today, “a bad social media review is mightier than the sword.” The contact center is on the front lines of whether your company’s brand is nurtured or damaged by a customer experience (CX).


10/17/2023 5:49 PM By Chuck F - Comment(s)
Back in the old days the name of the cybersecurity game was prevention - if you had a strong perimeter, then you're good! That thought process has shifted rather dramatically, because we know they'll get it regardless.

The Procurement Process Is Changing

10/09/2023 4:04 PM By Chuck F - Comment(s)

"As companies buy products and services around the world, procurement becomes steadily more complex." The procurement process is changing, and companies and industries need to be prepared. In a new article on Forbes, Peter Bendor-Samuel outlines the key trends that are shaping the future o...

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